Full Circle…

Tonight I am revisiting my old friend, the blog. For the past few months I have been opening up my google drive, typing away my most intimate private parts of my life for the entire world to see. And I do mean the entire world, to date my weekly series has visited 48 countries. Since I began the series I had a plan. A plan and a timeline. By my calculations, I should still be waking up daily to head to my office and stand in as an oral surgery tech, come home, and write. But my series won over the attention of a publishing company, Sunny Day, and I was able to quit my job and write full-time. I am now taking my series and turning it into a book. Like I said by my calculations I should still be a working stiff, but I have never been good at math.

Tonight I am grateful to be home. On my deck. Writing this blog. While I see the day slipping away and the evening set in, I am listening to natures night life begin to awaken and start their “day”.  I am happy to have opened this page on WordPress and spill my thoughts all over my laptop. It has been a while since I have shared my thoughts with my readers and tonight as I find my self removed from my old life and settling into my new one, I figured tonight was a good night to begin blogging again.

The past few weeks have been nothing shy of a whirl wind for me. Leaving my job was bitter-sweet. I guess I didn’t realize that my job was so much more than a job for me. I have been going to the same place, day in and day out for over two years and I got attached to everyone I worked with. They went from total strangers, to a different kind of family. A family who accepted me and my weirdness, questioned my life choices and helped me when I was down. I miss them. I miss my job. I miss my patients. But they also knew it was time for me to break away and head in a new direction. It was time for me to finally be who I was meant to be. A writer.

Getting a book deal, for me anyway, is nothing like the movies.  I don’t have a deadline or a check for $10,000,000 in my hands. I have weeks. Weeks to wait patiently before I get my edits back to see how my book is progressing.  I have time. Time to think about each and every word that I have written and each one I will write. All day long in my head I write and rewrite future chapters. I read everything I have written to see what the heck they saw in me in the first place.   And I think. I think about everything I had gone through to get to tonight. To this deck attached to this house. To this life, that I love. I think about the pain, tears, and even blood that lead me to this life. I would not change any of it for even a second. In order to live this life, I had to live another one before. A life that was hard but also not unfamiliar to many people. I was given this life because I am strong enough to live and now I am strong enough to write about it.

I will keep blogging about my book writing journey. I will keep you all updated. In the meantime, read my series again. Listen to my podcast ‘link below’ and follow me on yet another journey of self discovery.



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