Let’s Get Wicked Deep~ A Podcast~ The Space Between No Longer and Not Yet~ Episode 2

” As I sat across the table from him, just him, I felt as ease. Safe. Happy. Interested. In that moment and for the rest of the night, that was the only place I wanted to be, near him. For the first time in a very long time, Jake was not present with me. With us. It was just the two of us laughing, living, and beginning again”.

Take your time and live in the darkness so you can also begin again…..


One thought on “Let’s Get Wicked Deep~ A Podcast~ The Space Between No Longer and Not Yet~ Episode 2

  1. Great podcast. A couple of thoughts about setting these days. Initially, I have no envy at all toward single people today. Then again, I had the issue of no self confidence at all when I was single, that kinda became a self perpetuating thing. Whether it was being stood up in my 21st birthday, or getting the duck out with no warning not even 2 minutes into a date, anytime I gained any self confidence, it seemed to get knocked out from under me. Like you said, society puts this expectation on all of us that if we aren’t in a relationship, then we are broken. Which also I think goes a long way toward explaining the relationship that I call my boomerang. Did we love each other, yeah. But we were like gasoline and a lighter. We both had self image issues, I had abandonment issues due to my father, she had baggage due to sexual assault as a child. Eventually, we’ve both worked to over come our pasts and are in healthy relationships now, but if we could have seen what each of our issues was costing us, we both could have gotten there a lot earlier in life than when we did.

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